What was my life like before treatment?
I had very low self-esteem and hated to shop for clothes. I was tired all the time and honestly looked at myself as a failure in many ways because of how out of control I let my weight get.

How was the process from beginning to now?
I’m not gonna lie it was hard at first. I was very nauseous and weak for the first 2 months. Did not feel “normal” but once that passed month by month I felt better and better and now I feel AMAZING!

How has your life changed since surgery?
I’m a better mother as I’m not tired all the time and can keep up with my 3 boys. I work out 4 times a week. I love to be able to go into any clothing store and shop in the non-plus size section. My outlook on life has completely changed and I’m very very grateful for my tool and Dr. Syn and his staff.

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